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I believe in the phrase ‘Art imitates life’, which is why I relate to the term ‘artist’ over ‘entertainer’. It’s always hard for me to say what my favorite character or costume I’ve made is because it’s most times a visceral thing for me.

This is 2014 so far. Lust, Abaddon, and Hela are three out of the four new costumes I’ve made for myself this year. Red Sonja and Captain Marvel were photoshoots. I see a lot of vindictiveness, and hurt, and anger.

Then I look at the costumes I’m enthused to be currently working on for myself - Diva Plavalaguna, Edward Kenway, Barbarella, Gambit’s jacket, Witchblade - and I feel like I’m headed in a better direction. Ready for adventure.

Cosplay can be pretty damn cathartic.


RMMBR: Todo depende del prisma por el que lo mires…




This post makes me so inexplicably happy

look at Jaden over there strugglin

Bye Jaden

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No fue buena idea comprarle eso…


No fue buena idea comprarle eso…